2004-2017 Nissan Titan Wheels

Nissan Titan Wheels For Sale By Remington Wheels
Nissan Titan trucks perform very well in on-road and off-road conditions. With Nissan's quality and commitment to produce very durable vehicles, the Titan truck quickly made a name for itself when it's first 2004 model debuted. Since 2004, Nissan enthusiasts have expanded the aftermarket accessories available for these trucks. It's bolt pattern, 6x139.7 all known as 6x5.5 is commonly used in other makes like Chevy and Toyota. This allows Remington Wheels the ability to focus on designs, rather than having to build too many different part number/bolt pattern configurations. Below you will find our selection of 6x139.7 wheels to fit the Nissan Titan. These wheels will also work for other Nissan models like the Armada but we recommend a level kit or lift kit for best application.