About Remington Wheels

Hi-Performance Designs, Inc (HPD) presents the "Officially Licensed" Remington line of Wheels & Accessories. We at Hi-Performance Designs, Inc. have been designing, manufacturing, marketing, aftermarket wheels for the past 25+ years. Remington is an American Icon, a leader in the industry for over 200 years. 

We at Hi-Performance Designs, Inc. are proud to manufacture and license the full line of Remington Wheels & Accessories. From concept to finished product, all Remington wheels are designed in America - with precision & style, the definition of Offroad.

This is your country, this is Remington Country. 

Remington Wheels | #LIVEAMERICAN  

Remington Wheels Factory Testing Standards & Certifications:

Remington Wheel Production Quality

Every Remington Wheel goes through the following rigorous testing procedures before they can be brought to market. 

  • Impact Testing
  • Radial Fatigue Testing
  • Torsional Rigidity Testing
  • Salt Spray Finish Testing
  • X-Ray for Porosity 

Every Remington Wheel is also F.E.A tested before being built to assure structural stability & longevity. This allows us to see and correct any possible weak spots in the product before coming to market.  

For more information about any Remington product or to request a catalog, please feel free to contact us below. To buy wheels today, please call our friendly staff today - or place an order online.