1.)  All painted Remington Wheels are warranted against manufacture finish defects for the period of 3 years after purchase by the original owner under normal use. This 3 year finish warranty is nontransferable between owners. The PVD Chrome coated wheel finish warranty is for the period of 1 year. This 1 year PVD finish warranty is nontransferable between owners.

2.)  This 3 year painted & 1 year PVD* finish warranty is void if finish deterioration results from outside influences including but not limited to: “Wheel Cleaner”, any solvents, any acetones, diluted wheel acids, metal polishes, bristle brushes & or steel wool etc.

3.)  Remington Wheels recommends that all wheels, Painted & PVD* Chrome are to be cleaned only with mild soap and water on a cool wheel surface. Never introduce cold water to a hot wheel when cleaning. This can cause the wheels finish to deteriorate at a rapid rate over time.

4.)  This 3/1 year finish warranty is void if the original wheel finish had been altered in any way from its original state when it was purchased. To include but not limited to re-painting, re-powder coating, or polishing. Finish neglect, curb damage & rock chip damage is not covered under this 3/1 year finish warranty.

*PVD Chrome (Physical Vapor Deposition)

    All Remington Wheels utilize a PVD Chrome coating process. Unlike traditional chrome plating that pits and can peel with normal wear and tear. PVD Chrome is a highly durable process that exceeds the life of chrome plating. PVD Chrome plating is a 100% environmentally green process unlike tradition chrome plating that uses harsh chemicals. PVD Chrome coated wheels are not, and should not be treated as traditional chrome plated wheels. When caring for the finish of PVD Chrome coated wheels, refer to sections 2 & 3 above.



    All Remington Wheels are warranted against structural manufacturing defects for the period of 10 years from the date of purchase to the original owner and is nontransferable. Structural Warranty Void Scenarios:

    1.)  If the product shows any signs of impact damage from road obstructions such as pot holes, drainage grates, manhole covers, curbs, etc.

    2.)  Any wheel that has been involved a vehicular accident resulting in the structural damage.

    3.)  Any wheel that is installed where the vehicles total load rating exceeds the load limits of the wheel. 5 & 6 Lug Remington Wheels are load rated at 2400lbs each, all 8 Lug wheels are load rated at 3650lbs each.

    4.)  The use of incorrect installation hardware to include lug nuts, hub rings, etc. All Remington Wheels lug seats are drilled to a 60 degree tapered seat. The use of any lug nut style other than a 60 degree tapered seat acorn nut is strictly prohibited and is not safe to be used in any Remington Wheel. Proper installation hardware for all Remington Wheels can be purchased on this site.

    5.)  Any wheel that has been altered in any way from its original factory state. Including but not limited to: repainting, re-chroming, polishing, stripping, machining of any sort or PCD re-drilling.

    6.)  Improper mounting of tire to wheel with any method other than a tire mounting machine that is made specifically for the mounting and balancing of automotive wheels and tires.



    Remington Wheels will need the following in order to properly evaluate a warranty claim.

    1.)  Original purchase receipt of wheels in question.

    2.)  A clear legible picture of wheel or wheels in question.

    3.)  A clear legible picture of damage on the wheel or wheels in question.

    4.)  Picture of white barcode or imprinted date and or markings on barrel of wheel where tire sits. These markings are usually by the valve hole opening.

    5.)  Any items being returned to Remington Wheels must be accompanied by a RGA number given by Remington Wheels to be accepted.

    6.)  All warranty claims are to be submitted to warranty@remingtonwheels.com via email or by calling 888-707-9880. Warranty eligibility is based upon the sole discretion of Remington Wheels.



    Following these Remington Wheels warranty and care instructions that we have outlined will ensure that your investment will last for many years to come.

    We thank you for being a part of the Remington Wheels family.